Thursday, October 13, 2011

Puh-Ray-Zah God!!! Whew. Finally here! Happy Independence Day!! ...and infinite pi: completely quenched and satisfied; the saturation is eternal now. Boy, was I ever happy I'd be McLovin, be Her servant for eternity, Her in Her airline stewardess clothes. Yummmy. While I successfully climbed the stairs, yet, nuthin except the gorgeousness of peaceNquiet, a few cloudsNbluesky, thousandsOroses and a waterwheel slowly churning, revolving in the distance like the endless eternity, rejoicing another soul was here (I had escaped the darkNghastly furnace: repulsive demons were dragg'n their souls downtown, fight'nNscream'n, kick'nNwailing to no avail, their terrific lust for the world pull'n their immortal souls in uncertainty and terror. Deal with it. I'm finished) --- Extra-terrestrial instructions?? The Voice told my weee heart to turn-off all nonessential subsystems; stop using my main antenna, my dead head, focus on love for eternity with my heart muscle; and to switch to God in Three-Auxiliary-Transmitters. Whew. If God Almighty gives a few a pretty difficult though finite existence, God'll give a few all the more reward for eternity - completely fair, is it not? A looooong road to hoe - glad to git my vitality completed. Coming offa the sophomoric HIGH of our 'memoirs of social manners' (Shelley), I felt relieved and finally overjoyed. Now! Yippee!! I can do all the mitigations I so longed for when this TRI-angle was finally accomplished - beginning on earth when we were born, growing-up, up, up till our demise. Excluded a sigh did I. I do believe I'm through to the other side!!! Immediately, "Of course! Why wouldn't you be??" in Her hardcore, To-Be-Continued loveliness; Her Voice went through my poor, poor head like a phazer-on-stun which was far-out: soft, smooth, succulent, and very sexy, never before seen on earth, as She wound-around my brain like a pretty, pink, slithering python. "Enjoy thy stay at my lush, Milky Way. And if there's anything you need, don't you dare hesitate to think of it. Should I take-off My x-ray-spex?" I hemmedNhawwed, harvest'n my thots, as I kicked-the-can further down the eternal road; finally, I bespoke the Words, "I love you, toots," as, reaching up, I grasped at Her stupendously, explosively delicious altruism. "Lemme suprise you," kissing Her on the cheek - truly, I saw nuthin happier than Her glowing face and to feel the rapture of what we had become amongst the stars. Then, alas, the female surround-sound was gone; the array of catastrophic, elusive, illuminate-to-illustrate-Her-stikky-paper-features, was gone. Grrr. Life's a bloody metaphor rolled into one, political epithet with intercourse: only fools use fossil fuels to fly, baby --- Nevertheless, what an _____ incredible, edible sight to behold (yes, you may say ______ in Heaven, drawing'm in the air: they'd stay-up a while, slowly disappear'n like a rainbow. And the colours? Gotta whole lotta yummmy, sour ones which I gobbled-up). I felt very teeeny amidst the grandeur of Holland's verdant romance: I was very much irrelevant, kinda like an elephant, among the vineyard of elation, my explosion of being - even the misty air had a faint, arousing quality. Gotta move on; gotta find-out where in Heaven this aroma's coming from. Follow me into uncharted territory. What you'll find, guysNgals, in-God's-merry-universe, is a simple, flat-rate we git for being alive: once we git Upstairs, however, we ain't flat anymore; we're expanded into being everywhere, everything at once... and at peace to cherish what Almighty God has done for the human race. Thus, a beyond infinite service, like a NYC taxi - moving at break-neck-speed (you'll definitely remember me and my angst, some more pronounced, I'm one of a kind, though: a full-throttle, bodacious-stigmata-taste-combo who's continually therapissed) --- The Great Beyond, however, seemed not neeeeerly as fast-paced as my hometown which needed to wake-up from their slumber behind the wheel; but, yet, 'That Was Then, This Is Now', which I read in book-form in 6th grade, the genesis of my long, lost punkUation, a cult-classic prescribed by S.E. Hinton. The vault-of-Heaven is like a never-ending, without-money, nonillion-dollar-bank-account-in-pictures and totally substantial portions of banana-cream-pie and baklava - almost like the fairer sex: the oxygen smelled faintly like a garden of sweet, shaved tulips, which was Her unknown diary only to be read by me, soon to be as one in our love, in our intoxicating vision of joy; taking full advantage of the court, therefore, due to the fragrance of diamonds, the nuance and sophistication was totally Ritchie Rich: the first, delicious bite of Seventh Heaven. "More, more, more!!! Wanna... gotta... lemme see more!!!" was my breathless, panting outburst. The sweet, Ras'berry-Girly in fronta me giggled, "All in fronta you, private, First-Class." This is faaar beyond exciting, corroborated by the fact I had just croaked ...but, yet, I am still dying like an Aztec king, displaced amidst his mass of golden treasures, overflowing with vistas of wealth beyond, vivid, robust hues that shined like emerald-leaves in the sky beckoning you. Yummm. Heaven was so very smooth like an eel making a right-hand-turn. Who could ever describe it? It'd be like trying to portray? teach? skydiving to a paramecium. How would that work in 2D? Someone? Anyone?? tok2me, brudda. The adequate, verbal ventilation you'd need to ever conceive this pie-in-the-sky 'tout emsemble' (all together) just overwhelms and eliminates you. I mean, this odor-of-knowledge accounting for everything in fertile fields, laid-back-violets, was tooo much for this poor, poor soul just being born. Have to give myself time to copeSetic. I mean, can you yourself make the wind move?? Thot not --- So, there I was, an infinitely old man, looking a dashing twenty-one, having crossed the oppulent threshhold of faith, hope, and most definitely love, to a brand-new, graphic realism with my death-defying, Bruce-Lee-zoot-suit, baby, feeling a bit like a bad-ass. I looked up, I looked down, I peered askance: I was standing a few yards from my killer Cannondale withe sleek, yet, heavyset-bottom-spacecraft in the distance coolingdown - guess I was in a daze from the waaay-over-my-head-wonder-of-it-all, when a very calm Voice, almost devoid and absent of any oratorical ritual, persuaded me to follow in courtship - the same Voice who had perked-up my ears was at it again. Silly girl. She purrred at me, yet, she shattered mountains: the very air proceeded to draw me forward, like I was one of them neet-o-cool, EtchAsketch pads --- I took one, last look at my rock-solid-God-Speed, checking the saddle heigth as preparing to go into the wild-blue-yonder was I, when I saw my... DOG????? Wha... ??? My mouth hung-open for a long while, drooling, making yummy, throaty, gurgly sounds like an old toaster having the last slice before the last gasp. We just looked at one another for about half a second. Dog spok first, holding-up the Vulcan handjive. "Dude," rolling his brown eyes. "Don't act so suprised, man. Can't we have everything in the Great Beyond?" waggin' his tail, noddin' his noggin, like his trés-appropos-lifetime was about to finally start with no interruptions: my faithfull, ol compadre, Oliver, sitting on his haunches on a rock above me. I gasped, "Ollie!!! The skateboard dawg!!!" closed-jaw-with-hand. Rinse. Repeat. "Where'd YOU come from??? I thot you croaked!!" I about yelled. "And, shux, waddyaknow? I will be forever, I'm afraid," grimacing. With a cough, signaling me to shut-up, "Ya know, dude, I looove speech," as he conjugated TEN! Greek verbs, paw pointed up, eyes shut, and the phonetics? Perfect. I clapped and whistled and Oliver bowed. "That's my boy. How awesome. How I love you," whispering, praising our Maker, reaching over to wrap my loving arms around him, almost falling off. "Not so hard, my man. Youse gonna mess-up my coat." Shaking his head. "Dead? ...DEAD?? Nyah. Not no more. When you came up..." he snapped. "That was my cue2go on stage," in a motorcycle-boy-like-voice, like one of those 'fat-boy-kick-your-ass-bikers-in-leather' in a smoky pool hall on the wrong side of town. "Remember? Some stupid-O head ran you over on 53rd when I was eleven and LEFT you by the side of the road?? Oh, how I cried for THREE days." "How could I forget? I howled right along with you as I was ascending - all dogs go to Heaven." "Shish-Kabob-Dawg, them were the days of exploring farNwide, upNdown, tree limbsNsunken ravines," looking away wistfully. "Let's do that again, wanna?" Nodding his noggin. "You bloody betcha thy proverbial arse we will, dude. Time without end. Sundown continued, though, till you arrived," looking at me withose bombastically big, beautiful, brown Schnauzer eyes; that gorgeous, grey sweater; that fantastic tail; those curls and his long eyelashes. Owch. Betcha you be DA man withe lady canines. "I had to perish, just as you did, to be in this Utopia where everything lives large and falleth from thy sky. Watch. Not to be believed. Just watch, k?" He raised his head and immediately a BBBIG-ol-Mother, meaty bone fell from the Heaven onto the ground - of course! lamb thighbone!! "Deeeee-lish." "You go, girly," thanking Her under my breath. Oliver carried his skkrumptious, precious bone like sumbuddy's gonna steal it. "Gotta berry, where berry, must berry." Finally, with his finger-lick'n-good treat safely deposited somewhere safe, which craxx-me-up, "Can we go now? Talk'n about death is insane, dude, when there's a infinite, encyclopedia menu of bombastic bliss surrounding us." "No doubt," I whispered. Wonder where he got his excursive elegance from. Bombastic bliss!! Ha!! "Besides, Pops, my four feets have the lovely itch," with a super-sly M.O. "Oh... A-hem. Gitt'n down to business, k? We have 73.37-trillion-miles here - long-way, looong time on THIS planet. You're mo-than-welcome to join me, though I'll have to carry you up the ladder returning. Ya up for it, like a pUPS truck?" My revolutionary, rascally dog jumped down, snarling, his tail revolving, as he eructated, he made a 'bull-of-Pamplona' stance. "With you at my side, what can possibly hurt ME here? An evil-ninja-dude?? Let's kick-ass, man." Gotta lotta squint'n going on with my head like a weeble-wobble. "That ain't exxxactly for level seven, Big O; that's for level one or below. Seventh Heaven and higher's the start of guhroovy, Boston-Flowers-love, bay-bee." "O, didn't know that." "Yeah. Now's the time for lovely make'n, Big O: every bitch you meet, you'll have to ask nicely." "Then, I wanna ring through my nose. Where's my ring?" Immediately, without so much as a whimper, a solid-gold-ring-like-a-pirate was stuck in his nose. I smiled. How awesome is our God. And cool, too. I scratched him behind one ear and set-out abord our mountain vee-hikk-le; I also saw a sign 'schtuck' (She's of Jewish descent) in the ground around the next korner, the black lettering was as neet-o and without flaw as the realm I'm in: WELCOME TO ETERNITY, ya holy socks!! where you'll never be bored!! if you are? that's yer problem, ya punkphart -Almighty God, Ink I up-chucked the ball through the GoalPosts of the Great Beyond --- Riding up this vehicular-homicide, black-diamond-hill, easy in the Great Beyond, Oliver scampered-up behind quick-as-a-mouse, I paused again. Whoa. Truly breath-taking. Coming to a huge mountain top, where I was literally and figuratively at the peek of perfection, I looked down to appreciate and gawk at the astonishing rapture which lay before my immortal eyes - graphic unrestraint as far as mine eyes could see. Glory2God!!! The never-ending-presents came at with full force: vast and fully-tangible, elegantly sublime on thy eyes, were the celestial rose bushes, tulips (had a few, moist TwoLips, too. lemme just say they got pretty excited and engorged when I passed by - people could love'm as long as they wished), crocuses lining the path to the far, far side of the mountain. Simple, yet, breathtaking... stunning... ethereal: they nod and dance wherever and whenever the Son-drenched-wind whispers in this impeccably august, land-before-time, while alla 'round us were these mammoth, majestic, high-as-the-One-above trees: HUUUGE trunks, much longer than a NYC city block, and branches as wide as Vermont which is a thin state; a window of opportunity so ancient and lofty, they were only large enough to fulfill our Maker - maaany celestial beings on some, some with white-as-the-sun-wings, but totally C-able (thanks to Jesus eyecare) "You go, girl," I whispered. And everywhere there was a restraining of absolutely nuthin, while obviously the glorious, overflowing grace were the tops which could've quite easily reached to the stars: spreading-out so gluttonous and loving, precisely why I failed to go to Harvard and to see anything decayed on the ground. Ah, the blessing of bliss is forever --- I rode on and on, so much to do, so much to see, so much to live for - Thank Almighty God forever is 'in propria persona' (Latin: in person). Sometimes the hills were 88 degrees, up or down, others were as soft as whip-cream from your Lover, but mainly they were straight and narrow single trak (in Heaven, you may request a motor); my jolly dog dashing around, pop'n-up like a handsome, lil' poptart hereNthere in the underbrush, sniffing, snork'ling, digging furiously, smelling a rat, his nostrils were literally, figuratively on fire. Touché. How very pronounced we have made it this far, like a yielding vestige which only fills-up when the tide rolls in, yet, washes-away like the fleeting sandcastle of our existence --- Tremendously, I hurtled onward, ever more shocking and overwhelming was the Beauty Treatment of the Divine. At last, as if to take my breath-away once again, I saw to the horizon a quilt-like-texture of sumptuious, ebullient, ELEVEN - BILLION - TREES!!!!! Gulp (I counted'm, of course, just so you, girly-reader, wouldn't be MissManaged). I could see forever and a day, as they rolled on and on, as they marched like titanic, solemn, silent voices in this volume-like-wilderness!!! INTENSE!!! There were also birds in pretty fruitful multitudes, too, each one of 'em doing a cute, little dance as Jaybirds are so fond of, "You made it! You made it!! You played the Game and won!!" in their rather loud voices high in the treetops, serenading us as we moved slowly like a Homecoming parade. Thinking to myself, 'of course! leading a finite lifetime of uncivil humility and wreckT-dude, who wouldn't? Silly birds.' Just my dog and moi, my literal larger-than-life-puppy who was running just as fast as he could, running like a slippery fish (a floppy, red-herring perhaps?) in his wonderful, un-believable joy, ducking and feinting like this day was his last!! Go, canine, go!! Ain't nobody to put a leash on you, boy, in this insane, unpolished, elaborate infinity!!! I believe I saw him fly just a while ago HeeHee I stopped my bike to capture his speed-racer, grandiose joy. How beyond recognizable was my THIRD trip to Utopia (NOTE: been twice before, but sent back to start my novelty) --- Riding on for a lifetime, I stopped to let my own motor cool and to breathe the Heavenly Upstairs, pausing to let the obvious, carnivorous grace of Her Wilder-Kingdom take me away to a higher realm in a language so transparent: the utter vacancy of this outcry commanded this immortal to halt what he was doing and lookit this prestigious demonstation; parking my trail vehicle near this world-wide-rock, as I was floundering uncontrollably inside my poor, poor cranium, the nearest Cottonwood phenomenon seemed to beckon and, in a Voice that smiled vigorously, persuasively, "Pssst! Come here, please." Immediately, prudently, I obeyed Her. All of a sudden, when I was within whispering distance, the branches swiftly, succulently curved around me in a mountainous-like-cavern, drawing me inward, drawing me like a chalkboard, like a warm embrace from your gorgeous woman when you've been far, far away for a long, long time. I wrapped my arms and legs as far as they wo/od go and, while She thanked me for letting Her grow to full maturity, I sat endlessly spellbound as I lissened to the Wisdom of the Trinity. For what seemed like hundredsAtrillions of years and, as the Sun descended into an indelible language, I sed, in my basic grammar, "I will always love you, Janet Irene. Let's procreate." Brrravvo!! The bloody universe was beside Herself. Our beings flowed to a standstill. We went still further inside. The tide surrounded and enveloped us in our critical-mass, paralyzing us, obliterized us. Omniverous - renegade - cumultive ephoria. The cosmic-force-reached the paramount... we were driving too fast to reach the Vanity Fair: my love for Her is so much proLIFEration in the Heavens. Literally, I 'climbed' into Her svelte, gargantuan, tubalips: the unwieldy, obscure clitorum was difficult to find, but totally reachable and totally massive - I used Safari-gear and goggles for self-centering, I-on-control, for when the FemaleFluid begins to flow in Her rhythmic staccato of outlandish, African-drum-beats, She was exactly like a verbose Niagra: maddening, reckless abandon were the increasing, Three-Part-Special. I could actually live my eternity inside Her colossal, garden-orchard-exposed. How I love you, Holy Spirit, reflecting every phrase of warmth, every shade of passion; how I love sex in the rare, implicit Elaborate Heaven which is extremely plausible, never on earth if you aren't married. And when we were finished almost seventy-seven months later?? Where-O-where does the time go?? I exited Her in heat like I had never done a thang HawrHawrHawr I love you, silly girl. Never do I get tired of make'n love withe exclusive we create - almost like She wanted'm returned to Her the next time in Heavenly Afterglow: to deliver, like a WotoWoota, an unmatched combination flavour of nutritionNsubmission, She most generously blends over 101-sextillion-antioxidants to support our wealth/health (and to clean-out our pipes). Cannot ask for more. And if you want more?? Just ask! Dunno why more people aren't striving for Heaven +AFTER MAAAAAANY, MAAAAANY, MAAAAAANY, MAAAAAANY, MAAAAANY, MAAAAANY, MAAAAANY, MAAAAANY, MAAAAAANY, MAAAAAANY, MAAAAAAAAANY YEARS, BELIEVE A NUMBER LESS THAN A QUADRILLION, WE FOUND OURSELVES LAYING ON THE BEACH+ "You're fannn-tastic. Again? Soon??" She whispered, looking in my eyes, giving me Her heart. "Giving, receiving, pretending, subsiding, blending, a profusion of pink, picturesque portions, your yardpole, soft strokes and caresses, ya steadfast lover, and you came when called. A true 'copia verborum'. Just what we needed, wonderfull lover." She snuggled, congealed-to-my-body. "Didn't we coagulate the cocktails?" Laughing, "You're silly. A lotta men don't know anything about how to please a woman, yet, you do. Know why?" "Hmmmmno." "Precisely because you opened thy ears and lived My Word." Whispered back, "I'm so happy I made you so happy, yet, don't remember a thang, dear." "Doesn't matter if the years went by in a leisurely, letter-to-the-editor. We love each other, boy, and that's all that matters," caressing, remembering - She sent enlarged, fireproof memories directly into my point-blank-cranium. "You serving Me through extended, polite literature. When you saw Me in the sparkly mirror?" Nodded. "You can have that reflection, too, as another lover; actually, if ya want, they're reflections of us, I'll give an orgy of 100 you, 100 Me - with Moi? My nipples? Halfway-down-your-throat, baby, giving you very heightened pleasure, Me a mind-blowing-orgasm within a minute. Won't that be cool? Undulating, sanity forever. I am the Agnus Dei who loves you. Does it matter if I am a gorgeous sweetheart with a ponytail? Who cares?? Everything you desire is ours Upstairs." I held Her at arms length, "How I love you. You're the best in the west. From head-to-toe, body-and-soul, you're wonderfull-to-behold, more-than-you-know. My great duty, honor, and joy it is to serve you nowNforever, WonderWoman, if only we'd be able to see past the whorizontal Lair." "God only gives bawls, too, to those who see the need for humility. With you, a lot mo' than two, ya wild card. Hey," She sed, punching me in the arm. "Wanna do something devastatingly delinquent?" getting up and walking across the white sand; She took my hand as we scrambled-like-eggs up the hill toward the castle which was 'every inch a King' (Shakespeare). We got some already-sliced-watermelon-from-the-trees (you just reach up and eat to your heart's content). Grunting, "I'm all for discombobulating my explicit convictions, sweetheart." She laughed. An eye-filling-laugh, a long-on-looks laugh. My heart almost stopped... and I stopped. Heaven's not simply like lemon-meringue-pie with cherries, but close enough in this parable. You always want more. Her, too. A lot more. She can change Her everything, too, to suit you once a day for eternity (same with females) if ya gotta seed of faith - nuthins impossible for God. Everything's in Heaven, folks; nuthin's on earth besides death and taxes. Once again, She laughed. This time, Her girl's chuckle was filled withe surplus gravity of the extraordinary; a sensational, stimulating exultation bordering on the insane. Owch. "Beyond beautiful, honeybun." She kissed my nose and I pulled Her in like a sweet, undaunted catfish. You may have differing opinions on how gorgeous they are, America, but I pulled in MissMajorSuccess. We spoke about the poignant promise, the 'Magna Carta' of our very flippant, wearysome experience; now, the words which She so dilligentlemanly, cultivatingly reaped!! We agreed: YES! THEY WERE SIMPLY THE BEST!! ... through a lotta stimulation, emulating mortifications which only helped to grow in spirituality. Very rich, too, as our Father's gumdrops that melted in my mouth, as was our sweep'n, spitt'n saga: Her hands were in my finite existence, like a baker witheir dough, like a comedy of costumes on New Year's Day when we first arrive in the Great Beyond, She surrounds and editorializes each one of us, like the 'dressage a la humanity'; as wealthy as an inexhaustible, regal paté, Her cotton-candy had absolutely no equal anywhere in the many universes, I can readily assure thee, my worthy liege. HEER YE! O HEER YE!! Life's a great many stages of a play, the dressage; we are on offenseNdefense. If we abuse our priviledge of this lifelong demise, you will abuse you when you croak whether in Purgatory or Hell - Jesus is only the mediator. He has absolutely nuthin to do with your evil. I suggest you do-away with your 'god-like-TV', which nearly everyone falls for on a nightly basis, and put our Saviour in first, like a mountain bike, as you climb the steep path toward Heaven --- She took me to the first one of Her mansions, in the attick, along the 73.37 trillion mile path; seeing as that I will love and serve Her forever, who could ask for anything better?? "How high is this??" opening a window, we sat on the bed. Bike trails for miles, dude. She kissed me on the cheek, whispering, "Over five-hundred-feet straight down. Let's skip withe biological reproduction," made me face Her, "until we have a little time to ourselves." Nodding. She turned on me, "Ya wanna nekNnek?" and roughly French-kissed me, with Her sighs and moans, passion and warmth, the psycosomatic, metempirical feelins swept over us again: we rolled around on the sacred, scented bedsheets, brewing like a pot on low heat, like a fish-outta-water, we skyrocketed-up into Heaven's definitely worth living for... and worth dying for. We were lovers for eternity: my tongue is basically worthless in giving Her stunning bi-lingualness (between the twolips), right? But, yet, not with a mouth as a 10-speed, ShinyPhallic. Try as you might, you cannot beat sexuality in the Great Beyond. Hours later, after deee-licious baklava and a whooole-lot-better-than-Starbucks, "Howsabout I take ya and show ya where in My world the Roller Coaster is? I getta sit in front!!!" She screamed. That's my girl: grandiloquent, excitable, sagacious, lovely. Her splendid untaughtness totally captivates this wee mortal; the time-honored-novelty carries me away again and again. How I love Her. Taking my hand, She led me to an elevator behind a curtain. "Very cool. But, yet, I have no idea how to drive." "C'mon! Nadda prob. Lemme show you the tumultuous, hotspots of Seventh Heaven, baby," whispering, sultry, womb-like-nude. "Like disco?" smiled did She, full-body, poignant-poetry --- If flying carpet's cannot hold you, better talk to the GodDude. We parked our carpet on this high, high plateau near a mountain some distance away from the castle; She showed me one-hundred-miles of single trak and more when that came to an end, winding through the effervescence, barbaric splendour which is Heaven (She's a mountain biker, too). "Lemme git this straight for our readers out there. I can have all this for eternity just because I desired this?" Rollin' Her two, indelible eyes at me, She whispered, "Of course! sed the Source. Think Jesus fabricated when My Son spoke to Saint Gertrude? Don't think so." Far-out. I'm love make'n with God. Better act your age HeeHee "I'd better - " "You better, Mr. Odorless," snugglin a little closer. Shutting Her beautifull, blue-as-the-photosynthesis-sky-organs (where blue comes from), "There's a true jackpot waiting in the Great Beyond worth much more than your life," Her head on my chest. "Wanna see the Coaster? Didn't take long to build, about three seconds, yet, it'll provide us with endless opportunities for the thrill-of-our-eternity." Awesome. Do it! Fly that carpet, babe!! "Hang-on." We 'took-off' again like those dudes in Canada: She zoomin' around, hitting the speed-of-sound, me sitting in back, gett'n no flak, my hands on Her stomach, loving this wild woman withe wild hair. Believable, folks, without the UN. Finally, we landed on this high plateau so we could see the gravely-vehement-toy-below. "She's waiting for you. Hear her potency?" I just stared - gawked wood be a better synonym. Thousands of square miles of pure exhileration in monochrome and leather in this legendary, land-beyond-the-stars where thar ain't no law of gravity, toots; like an entity who knew me, like a story which knew no grammar, I could very faintly hear her growling, revving, vibrating like a smoking gun: a dazzling, unending symphony of power waiting, wanting to take us on a ride with her realistic, Shanghai-voyage to the stars --- PS Ponder sex in Heaven, ponder love make'n for the length and breadth of eternity; soft, slow, and smooth, intersperced with nutritiousNdelicious pi, the BigO for days, screeem'n, sighing, sobbing... is most definitely allowed. God wouldn't create Heaven Above without joy. Nope. You don't gotta with me, you don't gotta with anyone. Only an option for those who wanna make physical love a physical part of their eternity. Just imagine, girls: seven? hundred and one? 10,101?? handsome, tall, gentle, muscular guys + you alone + maaaaany years + nude swimming in the shallow ocean + nude floating in the sky + erotic, bedtime stories at dusk, then, lottsagobbsa sex for ten months + whatever your precious, prococious heart comes-up with. But, yet, we must git up thar first; we must see the need for repentance in this Finite Existence (I go every month). Why not? Why wouldn't God allow that super-freeek'n-dooper, glorious HIGH for a month or 777 months?? Seee? Heaven isn't as boring or tasteless as you might think, doll; God loves you and God wants to provide the very best for you. I want Heaven, too, to serve you, honor you, love you, nekk with and cherish you for our eternity --- Lovers need to talk. Lovers need to lissen. And, most important, true lovers WANNA do both! True love, though, is infinite in possibilities: God is exactly the same. Aren't we perplexed by a God who very offen seems slow to hear, yet, very angry when He answers in His own time? And aren't we just a little suprised at whom God chooses? Not only the celebrated and dignified, like King David, Soloman, Isaiah, but also the weak, the head-injured, and the unwanted. The losers of this world, refusing to be silenced, refusing to be conformed to this planet without any right or wrong. God wants to talk to YOU about Heaven-Above to come and the fab-yoo-lous Kingdome; about the incredible splendour, the wealth falling like raindrops, and the totally-new-lifetime of the Great Beyond. VOILA!! Precisely where we step in. We must read the signs around U.S. The violent youth, the gangs, the white-trash-clothing, the drugs, the sex, the MTV, the killing of our babies, the music, the gays... heading for the inferno because we refused to lissen to our parents, our teachers, the law, to God. "Yes," sez the Secret Service. "Jesus has left the building." Decide now: L or R. God bless you, girl.

"It is impossible that anyone should not receive all that he has believed and hoped to obtain; it gives Me great pleasure when men hope great things from Me and I will always grant them more than they expect."

-Jesus to Saint Gertrude.